maio 25, 2010


Four sisters, one twingo, one tent, little money, lots of sunshine and lots of beach!!! This sums up a fantastic weekend with my sisters before heading out to Canada.

After picking up Luisa in Coimbra and leaving my wallet at her house (I had to leave something behind) we headed down to Lisbon to meet up with Sandy and Isabel. The plan was to drive down to Aljezur during the night, but of course, by the time we got to Lisbon, both Sandy and Isabel were asleep! So we only left Lisbon the next morning!!
And there we went!!! Alentejo a baixo!! All the way down to Silves, then Portimão and then Lagos.
We weren´t looking to do the touristic trip, so we went to little isolated beaches in the Algarve. Beautiful Beaches…Empty Beaches…Just perfect. I recommend: Praia do Camilo, very isolated and beautiful!!!

The idea is not to go where everyone else goes and for sure you will end up enjoying the Algarve. Porque, diga-se de passagem, Algarve is to artificial, ugly, touristic, and with palm trees!!! What are palm trees doing in Portugal!??? Is there really need for that?? Don´t people see that they don´t belong here?? And another thing, the Algarve has no sense of urbanism!! Prédios, prédios, prédios!!!!
But whatever, we sure made the best of it!
We camped the first night in Lagos (I don´t recommend, but at least it was cheap). I actually liked Lagos at night. But it felt as if we were the outsiders!! Everything is English! But I mean everything!!!!and everyone!!! Very scary!!!
Next day the plan was to go to Tavira (lots of people recommended), we made it have way :)
We ended up staying around the Albufeira area. Praia do Carvoeiro.
At night we went to Albufeira. Let´s just say we were in England once again. But at least we danced a bit and drank a bit more.

Acampar selvagem na Praia da Galé!! It was actually a good experience if it weren´t for Sandy screaming out loud: «Quem está ai??» which ended up scaring the shit out of Isabel... and making the rest of us laugh nonstop! (it was just a cat or a dog).

In the morning the sun didn´t shine as much so we headed back north.
We only saw some sunshine in Lisbon. So Costa da Caparica here we come!!
Isabel had forgotten her house key, so she ended up going with the rest of us to Juncal (Leiria) to drop of Sandy. That was great because this way we ended up seeing D.Júlia and Sr.Carlos.
After this, it was only me and Luisa in the car on our way to Coimbra!!
My wallet and I finally made up with each other... and then I drove back to Viana!!

First: We went from Albufeira to Viana do Castelo by portuguese national roads, very cheap, very nice landscape, and very calm… I recommend.
Second: Isabel only drives using the 3rd and 4th gear!!! METE A MUDANÇA!!!!!
Third: I´m going to miss the beach….

maio 18, 2010

14 years ago

Toronto, brings back memories.. childhood memories....
It sure is going to be a mix of fellings going back.
How is Brock av??and St Helen´s?? and Duffrin Mall?? and all those fantastic parks??
How different can everything be??
Aren´t their still squirls? and maple trees?? and beanut butter??and mr.big??
Nothing can be that different. But I´ll soon see for myself.